About Us

Owners: Paul Maroun and Khalil M. Khalil

Paul and Khalil both came from Lebanon more than 15 years ago. They had a vision of opening their own restaurant one day using their vast knowledge of Lebanese cuisine. 

Coming from a family of food enthusiast, they were constantly inspired by food and encouraged to perfect famous Lebanese dishes. 

Both owners received culinary training in Lebanon, and upon arriving in America, worked as Executive Chefs making Lebanese food. Both started families and once the time was right, Paul and Khalil decided to take a chance and pursue their dream of having their own restaurant. They really wanted to make sure that Mashawi captured the same atmosphere as cooking in their family kitchen' enjoying handmade and healthy choice foods. They were long time Queen Anne residents, and it was always their first choice on location! They are so pleased to bring their authentic home style cooking to old neighbors, as many friends and family kept asking when they were just going to open their own place and showcase the real style of cooking true Lebanese food!